maybe I’ll at least touch up my theme on this blog in the next couple of days because it does exist so

sometimes I remember I have a personal blog and I’m like oh right maybe I should get on that

and then I’m like nah and proceed to creep on my roleplay blog forever

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I wonder if there are Chinese and Korean utauloids out there…

Most certainly!  Here is a great original featuring a bunch of Chinese ones, and while I know there are several good Korean ones I can’t think of a specific cover to show you.

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copying senei’s tuning like yo

the raw render sounds funny but then you put it to music and it’s like YOOOOOO

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konoha is judging my otoing it would seem

konoha is judging my otoing it would seem

aw hell bari’s birhday is coming up at the end of the month

maybe if I put my back into it I can finish his english by then who knows

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beep boop I finished something I started several months ago whoops

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6am and you know what my brain’s like?

make big al sing talk dirty to me, that can’t pOSSIBLY BE THE WORST IDEA EVER

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Track: Ain't Got a Choice?
Artist: Dangan Ronpa Sixty Three V/A
Album: Year One Vocals
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Whaddaya mean, I ain’t got a choice?!

Fumiko’s V/A
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